Snow Removal


*** This service is not yet available***


I only service Pilot Butte currently.

When I start the route you will receive a text message with approximate ETA.

By purchasing this service you agree to the terms of service.

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I work a full time job so I have reduced my prices to reflect that fact. I may not be able to get to your driveway right after a storm. It could take up to 48 hours to clear your driveway. I do hope to keep the average under 12 hours. If I’m not going to be able to do it within 48h I will offer a refund / or partial refund depending on service purchased.

  • No Gravel Driveways
  • You are responsible to remove all obstacles from driveway before I visit ( newspapers, power cords, garbage bins, etc)
  • I will stay approximately 18 inches from all obstacles for my safety and your properties safety
  • I will only clear the driveway. I do not clear sidewalks or other pathways.
  • It takes a 2 inch snow event to activate snow clearing. I will not clear until the snow event has ended
  • During heavy snowfall I may come out multiple times
  • Property owner is responsible for all De-Icing, We do not offer that service and are not responsible for slippery surfaces.
  • property owner is responsible for any sidewalks that requires clearing
  • During extreme snowfalls prices may rise due to work and time severely increasing


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